PEOPLE Proffession Resident
Andreas Graspointner
Anja Graspointner
Armin Graspointner
Augustine Graspointner (1925 - 2006) House Wife /Hausfrau Charlotte (NC) USA
Bernadette Graspointner
Bettina Graspointner
Brian Graspointner
Christina Shirley San Antonio (TX) USA
Dennis Graspointner
Eva Graspointner
Franz Graspointner (192x -1995) Tischler Anger, Germany
Franz Graspointner 196x Mechanic
Fritz Graspointner
Georg Graspointner (1927 - 1987) Building Contractor Johannesburg RSA
Gus Graspointner b.1994 Student Charlotte
Hailey Graspointner
Helmut Graspointner
Ingo Grasspointner
Johann Graspointner (191x - 199x)
Johann Graspointner 1958 Shop Manager Charlotte (NC) USA
Johann Graspointner 198x Electrician/Farmer (Elektriker/Bauer)
Josef Graspointner
Lisa Graspointner
Ludwig Graspointner
Magdalena Graspointner
Maria Graspointner
Reinhart Graspointner
Robert Graspointner Baker (Bäcker)
Rosa Bitnun Bufallo (NY) USA
Rudolf Graspointner (1923 - 1993) unknown Sacramento(CA) USA
Rudolf Graspointner 1960 (Erfinder/Bauing.) Münich, Germany
Sebastian Graspointner 198x Deutschland
Sr. Dosithea 1918 -1976 Nun Süd Afrika
Sr. Humelia 1922 - 1998 Nun Süd Afrika
Businesses, Org., Clubs, Societies & Activities
Bauernhof Voischl-Graspointner  Gasthaus
Bayerische Volksternwarte Astronomie Verein München, Germany
Bayern München Fussballverein München, Germany
BG-Graspointner GmbH & Co KG Bautechnologie Mondsee, Austria
Hagebaumarkt Graspointner Gmbh & Co KG Baumarkt
Max-Aicher GmbH Bauunternehmung Freilassing, München
NASA Raumfahrtbehörde Cape Canaveral (FL) USA
Robert Graspointner GmbH Bäckerei Bad Reichenhall, Germany
University of the Witwatersrand Universität Johannesburg, RSA
Hobbies, Sport, Activities, Subjects Hobbies, Sport, Aktivitäten, Fäche
Astronomy Astronomie
Football Fussball
Hiking & Mountaineering Wandern und Bergsteigen
Travel Reisen
Scuba diving (Tauchen) Scuba-Tauchen
Skiing Schifahren
Waterskiing Wasserschifahren

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