Video:Gusti'85: Nymphenburg Gardens|Munich 1995

Video:Gusti'95: Vienna|Vienna 1995

Video:8th Street Memories 1958-1974|Out of Africa 1954-1999

Video:8th Street Memories 1958-1974|Out of Africa 1954 - 1999

Video:Gusti'85: Nymphenburg Gardens|Gusti in Munich 1995

Video:Gusti'95: Vienna|Gusti in Vienna 1995


Born 1925 in Mariahilfe near Brunn (Brno) Czechoslovakia

Grew up in Wolframitz (now Olbramovice) and attended college in Znaim studying economics.

German speaking Bohemians were expelled in 1946 and the family was assigned working places on farms around Freillassing.

Married Georg Graspointner in 1952 just before they migrated to South Africa ...


Olbramovice aerial photo

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