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Born on 8th of March 1960 in fathers house about 14 kilometers north of Johannesburg, South Africa. Father Georg Graspointner and mother Augustine Graspointner migrated to South Africa after the second world war.


- Sandown Primary School then Sandown High School 1966 - 1977 Matriculated

- South African Navy 1978 -1978 Radar & Communications

- University of Witwatersrand 1980-1987 BSc (Building)

- Sable College München 1997 Facility Management


Radio Communications (Pty) Ltd 1980-1983 Part-time Control-Room Operator

Film Fanatix (Pty) Ltd 1982 - 1986 Part-time film and video hire and shop manager

Wilson-Bayly-Holmes (Pty) Ltd 1987 - 1990 Construction Manager

Max-Aicher GmbH 1991 - 1993 Construction Manager

Dürk GmbH & Co KG 1993 - 1997 Construction Manager

Allianz AG 1998 - 2002 Computer Technician and Advisor

Now freelance, partially handicapped. spine and nerve disorders.

Sport & Hobbies:

- Travel (visited 52 countries)

- Earth Sciences (active member for "AllExperts", New York Times)

- Astronomy and Aerospace

- Photography

Web presence (as "Rangutan"):

- Facebook

- Skype

- lists of Bests

- YouTube

- Couchsurfing

- Globosapiens (not active at moment)

- Friendster (not active)

- Yahoo

- Ikariam

- Answers

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visited 49 states (21.7%)
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